The Day Camp Experience

Our Dog Day Camp experience provides exceptional opportunities for friendly dogs to play, socialize, and exercise, in a safe, and enriching environment.  Pup-Members enjoy four play areas with ample space to romp, run and play. Pups receive constant supervision and engagement from our trained Canine Coaches who ensure they are happy and content while in our care.

Each day includes a harmonious schedule of Playtime, Socialization, Enrichment, and REST. FUN-iture, unique agility equipment, and a variety of enrichment games and activities, to stimulate their senses. Our goal is for a chill, calm, and collected Canine upon pick up. 

Placement of your dog in a playgroup is based on a number of factors. 
Our Canine Consult and Evaluation process thoroughly guides us with our admission and placement decisions. consider their size, age, and personality as well as their play style, energy level – and if other siblings or packmates are in attendance. We are intentional and strategic with our placements to ensure each pup is content. 

Our Evaluation Process:
We have a two-step membership enrollment process.  First, we require a scheduled in-person 30-minute Canine Consultation with a senior canine specialist. Unlike many other facilities, we actually invite the owners in for part of the evaluation, where we both analyze their dog’s body language and behavior. We discuss our services and depending on sociability, make introductions with neutral, play-appropriate packmates. If the consult is a success, we schedule a Trial Day to observe playstyle, personality, and overall behavior in our Club setting. This process is essential to the success of our club and your pup’s needs. 

In some situations, we are unable to accept dogs into our day camp. Day Camp is for well-socialized and friendly dogs. Pack environments are not for every dog. It is our goal to ensure that every member of our Club is happy, enriched, and excited to come to play! If your dog is reactive or has shown aggression (biting, snapping, growling, lunging) towards other dogs, we’d recommend our Training options versus Day Camp.  If your dog is dog-selective, reactive, or shows severe anxiety – our pack play environment is not appropriate for your dog, nor is it fair. We are 100% transparent with our enrollees and members.

Day Camp Hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Day Camp Service at the clubs closed all Holiday’s. Valet Service is available only on weekdays

Club Membership Pricing

To provide the best possible services for your dog, we are focused on the enrollment of recurring Monthly Memberships for our Day Camp program. We believe that regular exercise, engagement, and enrichment are essential to the well-being of your dog (just as gym memberships are for us!). And, consistent visits establish and maintain proper pack culture and behavior, helping us keep our Club environment happy and harmonious. 

2024 Club Membership Fee: $125

Monthly Unlimited Membership


Exclusive Limited Time Offer for New Members!

Enjoy the flexibility and ease of our Monthly Unlimited membership, offering your pup endless opportunities to socialize and play, 7 – days a week

10-Visit Monthly MEMBERSHIP

Adult | $567 monthly
Puppy | $621 monthly

Planning a day trip, spa day or have a busy weekend with the kiddos? Our 10 Visit Limited Monthly Subscription Membership, offers a 10% discount and is the perfect option for families looking to drop-and-go at their convenience.


Adult | $119.70 weekly
Puppy | $131.10 weekly

Provide your pup with a regular routine of socialization, engagement and fun – two-days each week. Our Twice Weekly Membership Subscription is a perfect option for those in need of care set days each week – and weekend warriors, too!

A La Carte Day Camp Pricing

Ala Carte day camp is available, based on capacity. Reservation requests are required before 24 hours of arrival.

Adult Dogs

$63 | Full Day

$46 | Half Day

Multi-dog Families receive a 5% Discount

Puppies (< 8 mos)

$69 | Full Day

$51 | Half Day

Young Puppies (<16 weeks)

$80 | Full Day

$57 | Half Day

Club Valet

We offer comfortable valet transportation between your home and the Club, available Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Our service covers the Town of Greenwich. Pricing depends on your location, and travel times may vary due to weather and traffic conditions. Please inquire for pricing details – 203-742-9170.

Home Pickup
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Home Dropoff
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

ala Carte Experiences

Frequently Asked Questions

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