The Club Enrollment Process

We have a two-step membership enrollment process.  First, we require a scheduled in-person 30-minute Canine Consultation with a senior canine specialist. Unlike many other facilities, we actually invite the owners in for part of the evaluation, where we both analyze their dog’s body language and behavior. We discuss our services and depending on sociability, make introductions with neutral, play-appropriate packmates. If the consult is a success, we schedule a Trial Day to observe playstyle, personality, and overall behavior in our Club setting. This process is essential to the success of our club and your pup’s needs. 

The Evaluation process is $125 and must be paid upon registration. Since we are a boutique facility with limited members, the initiation fee is essential to provide optimal care for your dog. 

Please note, that management has full discretion when it comes to approving or denying client membership. Though we try to approve every client, the reality is that not every dog is suitable for a social pack-style environment. We need to maintain a balanced environment that is stress-free for our canine members. However, we will gladly discuss other services, including training options and even a structured daycare experience that may be appropriate for your dog. In the event that we are unable to accommodate your pet, you will be notified and the initiation fee will be refunded back to your credit card.

Please ensure your dog complies with our Club Requirements, listed below, prior to registering. 


Health and safety are of utmost importance to us. We do everything in our power to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for all of our canine members. Every member must be current on vaccinations and provide the appropriate documentation prior to participating in daycare, boarding, or training. Pets who are not up to date with their required vaccinations will be turned away or refused services. 

Required vaccinations 

Puppies under 12 weeks

The critical socialization period for puppies is from 3 to 14 weeks of age. We feel that the benfits of socializing your young pup, far outweigh the potential risks of not being fully vaccinated.

Spay/Neuter POLICY

To ensure a balanced environment and appropriate behavior, we require all dogs to be neutered or spayed by
8 months of age, to participate in day camp or any pack play experiences.

General Health & Behavior

Owners must stipulate any pre-existing Medical Conditions & Behavioral Issues upon registration. We are only able to render services to pets who are in good physical health and free of contagious illness. 

Club Fecal Testing Service

Is your pup overdue for their Fecal test? We now offer the testing service here at the club! Simply drop off a stool sample at the front desk, and we will provide next day results!

$100 per test

Submit Your Records!

A La Carte Day Camp Pricing

Ala Carte day camp is available, based on capacity. Reservation requests are required before 24 hours of arrival.

Adult Dogs

$55 Full Day
$40 Half Day

Double Dog Day


$10 Discount

Puppies (Under 8 mos)

$60 Full Day
$45 Half Day

Puppies under 4 months inquire within

Specialized Day Camp

$65.00 per day

Club Valet

Home Pickup
8:00am to 10:00am

Home Dropoff
3:00pm to 5:00pm

One Way
$8 to $15
Round Trip
$15 to $25
Reservation required and cost based on location. Times may vary based on traffic and accommodations.

ala Carte Experiences

Download the Gingr “Pet Parents App” to make your reservations!

Invite Facility code: 177106

Access your online Pet Parent Portal can be accessed HERE

Club Pricing & Memberships

To ensure pack harmony we require all pups to participate in Day Camp on a regular basis – normally twice per week. Our Club Memberships provide our regular members with a discounted daily rate and a reserved spot in day camp. Just like gym memberships – our memberships are on auto-renew and services do not roll over.

Monthly Unlimited Membership


$2,640 for 2 Dogs

Enjoy the flexibility and ease of our Monthly Unlimited membership, offering your pup endless opportunities to socialize and play, 7 – days a week. Savings of over $8/day and $250/month

Weekday Monthly (M-F) Membership


$1,980 for 2 dogs

Working from home with an energetic pup can get RUFF! With our Weekday membership, your pup will play (and rest) the days away – Monday thru Friday, for up to 22 days a month. Come home to a tired and happy pup! Savings of over $5 /day and $110/ month

Limited Monthly


Planning a day trip, spa day or have a busy weekend with the kiddos? Our 10 Visit Limited Monthly Membership, offers a 10% discount and is the perfect option for families looking to drop-and-go at their convenience.



$95 per dog per week for 2 dogs

Provide your pup with a regular routine of socialization, engagement and fun – two-days each week. Our Twice Weekly Membership is a perfect option for those in need of care set days each week – and weekend warriors, too!

Platinum Pup Annual

Savings over $5,000 per year

For the VIP (Very Important Pup), the annual Platinum Pup Membership offers unlimited day camp 7 days a week for an entire year. This is a great option for jet setters and busy professionals looking for the convenience and flexibility of an annual membership. Platinum Pups also enjoy complimentary Club perks (treats, events & experiences) and 10% discount on all retail products. Complimentary Basic Bath & Blo each month also included, keeping your pup so fresh and so clean.

À la Carte Daily Rates

Day Camp: $55
Puppy Camp: $60 Boarding: $100/night
Puppy Boarding: $115/night +
*Puppies are dogs under 8 months

Frequently Asked Questions

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