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PAWS of Greenwich Training Academy offers personalized training and coaching services for for dogs and their owners throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Our services range from in-home family sessions and private club sessions, to day training, and our popular 6-Week Monti-Puppy Academy. 

We are positive-first, relationship focused trainers and personalize our training techniques based on the unique dog in front of us, and the owners needs. Our balanced approach blends positive reinforcement and accountability, which builds a respectful relationship with the owner and establishes appropriate behavior in real-life situations.

Sessions may take place with or without the owner, in-home or outside your home, out and about in public spaces, or at the club. The location and need for the owner’s participation is based on the goal of each session and will be planned in advance.

For training to be successful, members must commit to connecting, listening, learning, and implementing the new training methods and tools in their own home.

Interested in Training? Email us at:  train@pawsofgreenwich.com or complete our Training Evaluation Form 

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Our TrAIning Specialities

New Puppy Prep
Puppy Socialization & Training
Behavior Modification
Owner & Family Coaching

Training Options

Welcome Home "Puppy Prep" Consultation

Puppy Prep Consultation
In-Home | $300

Lead Trainer and owner, Jessica DelGuercio will visit your home for an intensive family puppy prep session focused on preparing you and your entire family for the arrival of your new puppy.

Puppy Training Sessions

Planning to add a new puppy to your family? We have you covered – Puppies are our Passion!

In-Home Puppy Prep Session
60-90 Minutes

In-Home Training Session
60-90 Minutes

Private In-Home Training 4-Pack
$1,050 (Save $50)

Club “Train & Play” (Day Camp + Training Session)

Private Adult Training SessionS

Individual, private training sessions offer hyper-focused attention to teach and train your dog, while coaching you. The number of sessions will range, based on your pup’s individual learning style, program goals, and your commitment to continuing education “real-life” in your own home. Sessions are normally 60-90 mins and will be held either at the Club or at your Home.

In-Home Training Evaluation
60-90 Minutes

Private In-Home Training
60-90 Minutes

Private In-Home Training (4-Pack)
$1,050 (save $50)
E-Collar Training & Coaching
(90-120 mins): 4 Sessions | $1,200
Additional sessions $275 each
Start your pup off on the right PAW. Four 60-90 minute training sessions. 10% discount!
Club “Train & Play” Day Camp + Training Session

Drop and Go Training at the Club. A full day of day camp & Two 30-minute training sessions. Session recap provided at pick up

Training Academy

Set your pup up for paws-itive success!

The Puppy Academy

Montessori Puppy Academy is a personalized training and socialization day school for puppies 10 weeks – 6 months of age, held at Greenwich Canine Club. The Academy includes a curriculum of 12 full class days, 9 am – 3 pm, twice a week, for 6 weeks.

Each class features a specific training/socialization focus and enrichment activity. The class is structured and intentional, providing learning, socializing, resting, and discovery. The Experience includes:
– Family Exercises (homework) will be given out via handouts each week
– Weekly Training Updates & Photos will be provided recapping progress
– Puppy Coaching via Phone, Email, Text as needed
– In Home Sessions can be added on for a discounted rate

During the Academy, puppies are provided with ample opportunities to explore their senses and become familiar with strange objects, noises, surfaces, smells, and more! They also learn pack manners and play dynamics with fellow pup-mates in a supervised environment.

The Academy is led by Jessica DelGuercio, owner and lead trainer alongside a team of passionate puppy coaches. Academy admission is “rolling” and the schedule options include two or three set days each week for a total of 12 classes. Days will be selected at program booking.

Academy Schedule


12 Classes
Two Days Per Week
9 am to 3 pm

Class size is limited, so please inquire within

For Puppies 6 months & under

Enrollment Fee: $2,500+

Optional Add on: 2 In-Home Training Sessions

Cost: $2,900

Below are key focus areas, which will be modified based on your dog’s specific needs:

The Experience Includes:

The primary and most critical time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life. Puppies should be exposed to as many new people, animals, stimuli and environments as can be achieved safely without causing overstimulation manifested as excessive fear, withdrawal or avoidance behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

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